The KIM-Betweeners

The KIM-Betweener project empowers young people to build resilience, boost confidence
and manage difficult emotions.
Involvement and engagement with our activities increases the capacity to thrive and succeed in life!

What our KIM-Betweeners say...

Who can be a KIM-Betweener?

Do you want to be…

less isolated, more confident, have healthier relationships, be braver, manage difficult emotions better, try new things, look at things differently, discover and develop your strengths, feel happier, make new connections, overcome anxieties, be more self aware etc. etc. etc…

See, ANYONE can benefit!

How do we do it?

KIM-Betweeners benefit by engaging and taking advantage of:

  • One 2 One sessions
  • Confidence & resilience building activities
  • Peer support
  • Physical activities and sports
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Accredited training courses
  • Treasure Trails and days out
  • School social support sessions
  • Activity planning and ownership