“KIM helps me gain knowledge about how to deal with mental illness, it inspires me to start something new and to make new memories. I have developed my confidence, my self worth feels rejuvenated, new doors have been opened and I am now preparing for a new life.”

“I have found KIM to be very beneficial in helping my mental health and confidence. Since I have been attending KIM I have completed an accredited course. At Christmas time I went to the KIM party and enjoyed socialising  with people who had been through the same things. I had a dance which is something I have not done in a long time. At the end of the day I got home on a bus all the way back to Wrexham, again this is something I have not done in a long time.”

“Before I started to come to KIM I found it hard to get help and support for my mental health; groups are not very well advertised in the local community. If I had not been going to the mental health team at my local hospital I would never have found out about KIM. Since coming to KIM I have made many new friends and it has stopped my being housebound because of my mental and physical conditions. I have learnt many new skills and grown in confidence. I really enjoyed the new accredited courses that KIM has started and I am looking forward to doing more for myself.”

“I hope all is going well at KIM. I must say I’m very impressed by the great work you do. With best wishes and many thanks, Jo Thomas (Open University)

My perception of KIM is that it provides an invaluable life-line for the people that attend the groups. Everyone I have spoken to really looks forward to their time with the others. They receive help and guidance on how to tackle various issues through workshops, which in turn, builds their confidence. The KIM staff and volunteers are fantastic! They are there for the service users when they need them, (even if it is just an ear to bend), but just as importantly, they guide them on a journey to a better mental health, working at the pace that each individual requires. To personally see My Wife grow in confidence and adopt a much more positive approach is amazing. A big THANK YOU to everyone at KIM – you are BRILLIANT!”